We Don’t Believe You LeSean McCoy

I said We Don’t Believe You LeSean McCoy, you need more people.  Well I can only speak for myself and a few others so, I don’t believe you LeSean McCoy. Does it matter, NO, but I don’t believe that apology, from Black Sports Online site. Yes, it was a written apology and in there no where did you apologize to the mother of your child.


When this horrific Twitter beef, incident was going down on twitter, I and probably the majority of those that witnessed it, knew that soon following it there would be some sort of statement of apology made. Although appropriately so, but in my opinion, that statement was made, created, written by some Public Relations person, maybe within the NFL put out because of the embarrassment you caused for not only yourself, mother of your child, son, family members, friends but also for the NFL. You not only work for an organization that wants to create a decent image (although it’s tough), you belong to that organization. You are an extension of them whether you like it or not.

Furthermore, what happened on twitter was nasty, cruel and seemed to come from the core of you. That animosity doesn’t disappear in a day or two, it’s still there. My guess is, while you were bragging about being how “rich” you are, that later you were reminded that the “rich” you are claiming might not last. Perhaps the thought of becoming richer might not happen because people who act a fool and behave badly don’t usually get or keep endorsement contracts. The way you act will always determine your future.

It’s no doubt you used bad judgment and let your frustration control you on twitter, while the mother, Steph did as well. You said “I take great pride in being a good father”, well none of that showed via the Twitter beef. I would hope that you genuinely are sorry and feel some remorse especially to any impressionable kids who have looked up to you. Even more so, your son will be able to access that twitter beef, blogs etc., my goodness what will he think when older? As I said yesterday, you are 24, but sorry I don’t fly with that “he’s young and immature”, nope again the things you said were real, from deep within. You behaved like a bratty ass kid who isn’t getting his way. Very disrespectful to your parents, whom I’d hope didn’t raise you to behave like that.

So your apology was forthcoming, everyone knew that but with that “PR apology” I hope you truly let those words resonate in your spirit and you will become that great father and role model one day. May Steph and all the others involved grow from this also. Maybe this mess will deter another one from acting out in such a NASTY way.

(This is just an opinion and thoughts)

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